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Station #9, Concord, North Carolina
Firefighters and HazMat Unit

Stitched with love by Myra Terrell Crayton ("Stitch")

Myra made a donation to The Americana Stars Memorial through the "Stitch-a-Star" page. When she told me that she was going to stitch them for her "angels", I just had to send her the FDNY star to include in her tribute piece. Click to read and see her story below.

Thank you, Myra, for doing such a beautiful job for some really great guys. Give them each a hug from me!

"These firemen are now my 'family' after attending my son's funeral in 2003. They watch over me and have adopted me as their own.
The one holding the picture is one of the firemen who came to the funeral. He will forever be "my special angel".
This is just part of the story...

Close-up of Myra's handiwork.

"The finished piece is hanging outside of the dayroom with myself and one of the firemen who attended my son’s funeral in 2003.
He has become a very special part of my life during the last 9 years."


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