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Rockaway, NY Fundraiser
Harbor Light Pub

October 20, 2012

I met with Mr. Bernie Heeran, a gentleman from the Rockaways who lost his son on 9/11. When I told him about The Americana Stars Memorial, he offered (on the spot) to host a Thank You Reception at his restaurant, Harbor Light Pub, for everyone who sponsored a victim's star. The food was so terrific and there was so many choices, my guests could not stop eating throughout my presentation. And that was okay with me! I am so grateful to Mr. Heeran for his enormous generosity. Thank you!

I had 5 weeks to pull this event together. With the help of my friend Wendy (who lives in the Rockaways), I gathered 35 raffle prizes. Because of Mr. Heeran's support, so many people opened their hearts and all 77 stars from the Rockaways has been sponsored at least once (every star can have 2 sponsors).

Below are some of the pictures of a wonderful time before the storm. As we all know, Hurricane Sandy devastated the Rockaways (and the Eastern Seaboard) just 9 days later. The Harbor Light Pub was totally destroyed by fire along with many other houses. The only things left were the central iron staircase and the metal awning from the front porch. But the Heeran family will be rebuilding and I am hopeful that they will be up and running by this coming January, on schedule.

Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of everyone who came. But in the meantime, enjoy the ones below. I know I will!

Press Release, September 21, 2012
(Click to read.)

Doreen, during the presentation.

Presentation boards of "An Americana Flag" and the first panel of The Americana Stars Memorial.

There's Wendy in front of my presentation tables. I could not have been ready in time without her!

Janet Dever (helped with raffles), Me, Thom McCarthy & his lovely Mom. I'm so glad they could come. Janet, thanks so much!

Me and Joanne Hartwig, my raffle seller and very good friend. The food on our plates disappeared very shortly after this picture was taken!

Dan Guarino (right) and John Simonelli, my wonderful musicians. They kindly donated their services for everyone's enjoyment. That's John's son, my raffle puller, in front of him.

Wendy and Me with The Hannons. They won lots of raffle prizes (because they bought the most tickets!).

Joanne chatting with Kevin Boyle of The Graybeards.

Me and Jeff & Kendell Saunders, my brother and sister-in-law. They were a big help at the reception and presentation tables. They came all the way from Philadelphia to be here - quite a trek!

All of the luscious desserts were generously donated by COSTCO in Rego Park. We had 3 kinds of cookies, cinnimon twists, brownies and 2 fantastic cakes. The American Flag cake was a vanilla cake center and the Chocolate cake with roses had a totally chocolate center. Weren't they marvelous? After the party, Wendy and I took pieces of both cakes one block over to thank some of the shopowners that had donated raffle prizes for the event.

American Flag Cake.

Dessert Table.

Chocolate Cake with Roses.


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